Samstag, 2. Dezember 2006

Matrix Twins

Some folks here provided their charity event promotion with some special Christmas eye candy:

There was something about those two. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I expect every Christmas angel to look baroquesque. It was just this vague sense of having seen them before...

Mittwoch, 6. September 2006

My Favorite Non-Tech Podcasts

History According To BobHomepageFeed
Matt's Today in HistoryHomepageFeed
Military History PodcastHomepageFeed
European Civilization from the Renaissance to the PresentHomepageFeed
US History: From Civil War to PresentHomepageFeed
General BiologyHomepageFeed
Evolution 101 PodcastHomepageFeed
The Big Bang and Creationism PodcastHomepageFeed
Physics For Future PresidentsHomepageFeed
Stanford Philosophy TalkHomepageFeed
WDR Zeitzeichen (german)HomepageFeed
FM4 Off Air (german)HomepageFeed

Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2006

Off To Rome

I am heading to Rome tomorrow, so please forgive the lack of new postings during the next days. I expect the city to be dead on my arrival as Italy will be playing against Ukraine in the soccer world cup at that time. Forza Italia!

Sonntag, 4. Juni 2006

The Big Bang And Creationism Podcast

Robert Lippens provides a scientific discussion of the big bang, inflationary theory, and general cosmology and takes a close look at creationism's conflicting views. I am still trying to catch up with all podcast episodes from the start - very interesting material. I am quite impressed - I don't think I would have been able to come up with something at this level as Robert does at the age of 17... and of course I also got caught by the theme music of "The good, the bad, and the ugly" at the beginning of the first episode. Now that was a movie I was watching frequently back when I was 17. ;-)

Montag, 20. März 2006

What's Your EQ (Entrepreneurial Quotient)?

I seem to score higher on geek tests than on entrepreneur tests, so I guess I'd rather stick with what I am doing already... ;-)

Guy Kawasaki's Entrepreneurial IQ Test

Take this test at Tickle
You scored 70-89%!

Guy Kawasaki was Apple's legendary Mac evangelist.

Dienstag, 31. Januar 2006

Alexander's First Textfile

My son Alexander was five months old when he typed the following:





OK, it's not "Me Thinks It Is Like A Weasel", but not bad either for a start. E.g. note the root shell prompt at the beginning.

Of course I had to preserve the text for ensuing ages. ;-)