Sonntag, 21. November 2004

Visionary Philosopher

According to the notorious Tickle IQ Test, I am a Visionary Philosopher. I am not sure what that means (they charge for a detailed review), but it sounds cool enough.

No, I will not post my exact result here. But I scored higher than my sister (also a Visionary Philosopher), and that was my primary goal. ;-)

I am not taking this kind of IQ tests for serious. Most questions seem to follow a similar pattern. 90% are trivial to answer, and I think the rest (three or four harder ones) won't help to differentiate the results sufficiently.

It's still fun to do the test though. And they have more, e.g. one can reveal his subconcious mind with Tickle's Inkblot Test (AKA Rorschach Test).